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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

We all get many requests for information - fact sheets, shelftalkers, bios, etc., so why not put them in an online Media Kit for instant download? Putting PDF formatted information on your website for immediate access saves time, money and hassle as you help your trade partners get the word out about your products.

Your eMedia Kit can include:

Company overview. Everyone loves a story. What is your company’s story? Think about it and make it come alive in a brief company description that makes people curious and interested.

Biographies of key personnel. Who is involved in the organization and why? What is their background? Including biographies help bring the company to life, infusing it with personal style and stories that can be relatable to everyone.

Product information sheets. This information is important to everyone trying to sell (or buy!) your products. Composition, aging, taste, smell – all these elements are important to the end use who may be looking for a specific type of drink.

Shelftalkers. Did you win an award or receive a great rating? Publish it into a pre-made shelftalker in order to make it easy to promote in-store. Create a format you can edit it easily for each accolade and put it on your website for your retail customers to download and use in an instant.

Photos. Bring your company to life using photos of products, your land, your tasting room, bottles, beauty shots – you name it! Think about all the uses that your photos can have and get out there and take some great shots!

Videos. Do you have some great videos of production, your tasting room, events? Add them to your Media Kit to share and help get the word out about your products.

Contact information. Yes, this is actually overlooked quite often. Be clear about who to contact and how if they user has any questions - they will be much more inclined to help promote you and your products if they can work directly with the appropriate individual.

After you have created some great collateral to share with your supporters, post it in a specific navigation on your website. Or maybe link to it with a button – however you design it, make it simple to find and easy to download.

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