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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

eCommerce is more important than ever in today’s current environment and creating a smooth customer shopping experience is key. A frustrated customer may not follow through on an order when they are unable to navigate your store easily and effectively.

Below are some areas to evaluate to make sure your existing or potential online store solution is serving your customers’ needs:

Coupon codes or URLs. This can be a major area of frustration for the customer – if they see a coupon they want to use but either aren’t applying it properly or it isn’t working, you can potentially lose a sale. Be clear on the application messaging of the coupon and test, test, test that the coupon code is working properly.

Product Pricing. Make sure your online store has the capability of multiple product discount options, either by customer type, coupon application, quantity, etc. If the price in the store is not what the customer expects, they will not place an order.

Customer Type. If you have any type of a club (or do any type of segmentation - and you should!), you will need to be able to identify those customers easily and quickly for both customer service and processing. Make sure your system allows for many customer types and that those customer types tie into the product pricing. Your customer should receive immediate application of any discount (even if they just joined a club). Again, if they don’t see the price they expect, they will not place an order.

Compliance Integration. Since we are selling alcohol, it is important to make sure you have some compliance built into your online store. At the very minimum, you need to collect birthdates at checkout and need to be able to pull reports for compliance reporting. The system you choose should have reports that provide all the necessary information in order to make reporting easy and accurate or have the ability to tie into a third-party compliance reporting system.

Order Editing. Customers change their minds all the time (most times immediately after they place the order) so be sure your system allows you to edit an order so you can accommodate their requests quickly and easily without starting over.

Shipping. Be sure to list the states that you ship to in your online store and be sure that you can maintain that list accurately. There is nothing worse than receiving an order for a state you cannot ship to – the customer is frustrated and so are you. Also, make sure your shipping zones are lined up with your rates properly in your system (whether you use a fulfillment company or are shipping directly from your location). While shipping bottles is expensive, there is no need to overcharge a customer simply because you are “averaging” rates.

Your priority should be a well-functioning online store that will reduce customer anxiety about ordering online and serve your CRM backend needs at the same time. Please reach out if you need more information or guidance on choosing the right platform for your brand!

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