Setting Your Fall Content Calendar

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

As the busy Fall harvest, release and holiday season gets underway, it is more important than ever to set up and manage your content calendar. You should have a constant flow of information going out to consumers this time of year - there is so much to talk about!

Share up-to-date information on your harvest. People love to know what is going on in wine country at this time of year, so any pictures and videos you can share of harvest will attract attention and shares. This is where the wine process starts, so be sure to include educational information as well for those interested in how wine is made.

Determine your release schedule. Fall is typically the time many wineries release their sought-after Cabernets and special wines as well as old favorites. Work with ownership, winemaking and your fulfillment team to determine the best time for release and then work backwards from there to set your content calendar, creating anticipation and excitement for special release dates. Be sure to get all wine notes and decanting tips from the winemaker to share for maximum enjoyment by the consumer.

Create your holiday gift packages and slot those promotions into your calendar. Make gift-giving easy for consumer this year by offering special match-ups, hard-to-find wines from the library, large formats and special pricing on popular wines. Can you enclose a gift card? Ship to a third party? Set all your parameters and craft a message that is clear about the benefits and restrictions of giving a gift of wine. People will be shopping early this year, so don’t delay on getting your offers out there in a timely manner.

Be consistent in your messaging. Make sure your content calendar has balanced, consistent messaging this time of year - and don't make it all about sales. Include information on harvest, your new releases, holiday promotions and general news from the winery. It is important to stay in front of the consumer so they remember you during this time, so make sure you have a good blend of email campaigns, social media posts and advertising (if applicable).

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