Tapping Into the Corporate Gift Market

For many wineries, having an active corporate gift program can bring in added revenue and new customers during the holidays and beyond. This holiday season consider promoting gift packages to both your existing and potential customer base by offering enticing pricing and ease of ordering and delivery. Not sure where to start?

Establish the program: Create one or more special packages just for corporate gifts

  • Create an appealing mix of wine. Look for a mix of wine that is appealing to everyone (perhaps a white and a red, since it is hard to know individual preference) and put together several volume options. By creating a tier of packages, you can fit into any budget. A recent Advertising Specialty Institute Survey revealed that the average company spends $79 on gifts for their employees and clients, so that is a place to start.

  • Decide on packaging. Do you want to create special packaging for these gifts or use your regular packaging? Either is fine, depending on resources or time but be sure to detail how the package will look when it arrives to the recipient.

  • Provide a gift card with the package. Since it is a gift, the giver needs to be acknowledged and recognized. Make sure you offer custom card options for the package and be able to implement those options with ease.

  • Establish your shipping policies, procedures and timelines. These could be the same as your regular procedures but make sure your corporate client understands any shipping restrictions, returns and timing policies relating to the placement of orders.

Promote It

  • Add a page to your website detailing the program and how to participate. Provide contact information and make it easy to establish a connection.

  • Create a brochure and do a mailing. With a printed piece, you can add validity to your program and can use it to easily promote the program in several locations. You can put them in the tasting room, drop off at local companies and do targeted mailings to round out your promotions.

  • Post it on Social Media. This will increase your program visibility and will have the potential to reach new audiences. If you want to do some paid ads, target local and regional corporations with your post or ad for further impact.

  • Send an email. You can communicate with your entire mailing list, letting them know about the program and the benefits. You never know who it will reach or who may forward it to someone they know who may be a potential customer.

  • Do personal outreach. We all have some loyal customers who promote the brand to their friends and family. Take that communication another step and reach out directly to those you know are good candidates for corporate gifts. And definitely search your database for those who may have ordered corporate gifts in the past and be sure you are on their radar again this year.

  • Search for local corporations in your area and pitch them your options. Doing some research on companies in your area could lead to potential sales. Let them know the strength of your brand story, why they may be a good fit for gifting and appeal to their sense of supporting local businesses. Make sure you reach the appropriate decision-making person within the company and have your options ready.

Remember: No order is too small. Even if someone is just sending to 5 people, those are potentially 5 new customers. Encourage any number of gifts with no minimums. And corporate gifts don’t just have to be for the holiday season – if you build a successful corporate gift program, you can easily promote it year-round for special occasions and other holidays. Happy gifting!

If you need help setting up a corporate gift program, please contact us at wdms@winedirectmarketing.com or 707-738-1301.

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