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With the surge in online wine ordering, it is important that you are able to give the customer a smooth, seamless experience as they interact with your brand. Customers who have never ordered online before are now trying online ordering and it is crucial that they come away with a positive encounter so that they continue to buy your products. Is your online store customer-friendly? Here is a checklist to ensure a good customer experience:

Product information and graphics should be clear. Many consumers shopping online are visual, so make sure you have crisp and clean bottle/label shots of your products along with a clear description of the wine. You want to provide every online tool you can to help the consumer make a decision about ordering the right product.

Pricing should be accurate. If you have any discounts in place for quantity or clubs, make sure the price is showing up correctly for the customer type. If a consumer doesn’t think they are getting the correct price, they will not place an order.

Clearly state your coupon policy. Many online stores (in many industries) only allow one coupon per transaction, so make sure that is stated front and center on your online store. This will reduce confusion when customers are trying to use multiple offers (and they will!).

Make sure your shipping policies are clear and understandable. Many consumers don’t know the ins and outs of wine shipping in their state, much less the country. Make sure if you can’t ship to their state, you are clear about the reason (and encourage them to contact their state legislature to help change their local state laws if it is prohibited!). If you are waiting to ship until the weather cools off, be sure you clearly communicate that with your customer as well.

Listen to the feedback. You can detect flaws in your systems and processes just by listening to your customer comments. Customers are all too eager to share both their good and bad experiences of shopping online, so if you are getting a lot of questions about pricing, coupons, or shipping, you know you need to make your online statements bolder and clearer.

Online wine sales should be your priority going into the fall and holiday season, so make sure your online store is ready to serve your customers in a clear and straightforward manner.

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