Tuning Up Your Email List

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Now is a great time of year to spend working on your customer database and email lists. As we head into the fall and busiest season year, make sure your customer email list is ready to go by following a few tips:

Clear out the dead emails. Have customers who haven’t opened your emails for the last several launches? Identify them and make one last offer to have them stay on the list. There is no reason to keep sending emails if they aren’t interested enough to open them, so make it easy for them to opt-out to keep your list clean. You might be surprised how many opt back in and start to engage again.

Research the bounces. Emails bounce all the time – identify whether it is a soft bounce (the email is valid but didn’t reach their inbox for some other reason) or a hard bounce (invalid email). If the hard bounces are good customers, call them for an updated email address. You don’t want to lose them!

Update the unsubscribes. I just went through a client list and found several current club members who actually unsubscribed from emails, which is one of our primary ways of contact. Call them and see if they really meant to unsubscribe or perhaps get an updated email address from them.

Segment your lists. As you begin to layout your marketing strategy for the fall and the holidays, work with your list and identify big buyers, buyers of a particular wine, non-buyers, etc. By segmenting your list and crafting specific messages to each segment, you have a better opportunity to speak directly to the interests of that particular customer via email.

A little time spent now to clean your email list will pay you back when the busy season starts, so dive in and take a look at where your list REALLY stands!

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