Using Your Database to Create Sales

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

As we all look to create more sales online, now is a perfect time to look at your database and analyze the information that it holds in order to target your customers and increase your online or phone sales.

Start with varietals. Find customers who repeatedly buy a certain wine from you and reach out with a special offer (or just a reminder that you know they like a particular wine and the new vintage is now available). It shows that you are paying attention to their preferences.

Look at volume. Who are your big buyers? What can you do to incent them to make an online purchase? A personal note of appreciation and a reminder that you have special case discounts go a long way in creating loyalty.

Segment geographically. It is starting to get hot in certain parts of the country – you could communicate with customers in southern states with a reminder to place an order for summer before it gets too hot to ship.

Send a birthday greeting. A 10% off coupon for a birthday gift is a great way to thank your customers and incent them to order. Set up a monthly schedule and send out the coupon at the beginning of each month to the appropriate customers.

You (hopefully!) collect all this information from your customers on a regular basis, so you might as well use it to your advantage! Happy selling!

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