What's In A Recipe?

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Years ago, when websites first began tracking analytics, the "Recipe" page on any winery website far out-performed any other page on the site. Today is not much different - recipes are a popular way to create content and engagement with wine drinkers. Here are some tips to promote your food and wine pairings:

Create a "Recipe" page on your website, if you don't already have one. With the proper search parameters in place, you will attract not only your existing customers but new customers seeking recipes to pair with a particular varietal or style of wine. Promote the page through social media and online communications, including email campaigns.

Post on Social Media. Now more than ever, it is important to connect with your customers online and creating pairing recipes for your product is a great way to engage both existing customers and potential new customers. And use pictures to get your customers’ mouths watering!

Include a recipe in your wine club newsletter. I always advise my clients to include collateral in any wine club shipment and that collateral should always include a recipe that pairs with the wine in shipment. By giving your customers guidance on how to serve and present your wines, you will ensure their loyalty and confidence.

Use small recipe postcards that are available in your tasting room. As tasting rooms reopen, be sure to have some color postcards that promote your wine pairings available. It is easy to include these at each place at a sit-down tasting or near the cash register, if appropriate, as people check out. They are easy for customers to grab and take home with them, reminding them of their experience with you.

Here are a few other tips for a successful recipe program:

Test the recipes. Just because the search words on the internet says something pairs with Cabernet doesn't mean that it pairs with YOUR Cabernet (or maybe it goes better with Merlot!). Make a point to test out the recipes to ensure that the pairing truly is magical.

Use wine in the recipe. It isn't enough to just have a recipe that pairs with a wine - be sure that your customers have to purchase and open the bottle to prepare the dish. Not only will that help with the overall flavor integration of the pairing, but the sooner they drink your wine, the sooner they will reorder.

Ask for submissions from your customers. Get your customers involved in the process by having them submit THEIR recipes for certain types of wines. Offer a promotion to anyone who shares a recipe on social media that features your product and be sure to give them credit so they can tell all their friends.

Partner with a well-known chef. Expand your reach by having a local or well-known chef create a recipe just for you - and link to their social networks to promote. Better yet, have them create a video preparing the recipe that you can share!

It is all about the experience - having a recipe to pair with wines your customers enjoy allows them the showcase the wine to their friends and family. They can share a special experience and feel like they are learning at the same time - a win, win for all!

Need help creating and implementing a recipe program? Contact us at 707-738-1301 or wdms@winedirectmarketing.com.

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